Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CPI Stories: Information you would like to know!

Hello, everybody! I'm sure that you have noticed that I have been posting stories here, in Club Penguin Info. All these stories are created by me, and they are protected ( all rights reserved ) Just to remember you that you can't copy from this blog without my authorization and without giving be credit about my stories. If I discover that someone is copying my stories without giving me credit about that, I will have to disable right - click in the blog and maybe I would never post a story again. I still have many ideas for new upcoming stories, so don't make me cancel all that, please. In other things, I also made this post to tell you how did all these stories came to my mind. Well, here they are:
  • Numbers
It was a normal day, and I was thinking about what new could I make with the blog. In that moment, the idea of creating stories and posting them here came to my mind. I always liked to show my stories to the world, so I began writing Numbers. I started to think "¿of what think can I do my story?" and "¿will they like my stories?" In that moment, I saw my clock, and after that I began doing homework. My geography's teacher wanted us to find coordenates of places as homework. Then, I got the idea of two boys that find secret numbers and strange people in their city. If you read the end of my story, you would never think that that could happen, right? Well, that's how I made Numbers. But after that, I wanted to make more stories... :D If you could notice, this story doesn't mentions in what place it starts, it only mentions Madrid, Spain.
  • Photos
One day I was thinking what other story could I make for the blog, but I didn't have an idea. I went to sleep, thinking about it. Then, it happened. I had a strange dream ( or maybe nightmare ), where I was in my own house. It was really dark, there where no lights. I was in the second floor, but then I heard a strange noise coming downstairs. I, feared, began to walk down the stairs, carefully. When I arrived to the first floor of my house I didn't saw anything out of the normal. But then, I heard that a glass crashed. I soon noticed that the glass that crashed was a glass box than I had there. But when I walked to see it, I was really surprised. It didn't seemed to have crash lines, instead it had some birght things at the center. But then, the worst thing happened. I saw that there was a mirror in a wall. I don't know why, but I just walked there to see it. But then, I saw something horrible. A man, with old clothes like of the last century, was in the mirror. Then, he taked out his also - old camera. He extended his arms up, and he pressed the button. The light was released from the camera. Then, he smiled at me! Some seconds later, I waked up. Since that moment the idea of making Photos came to my mind. The story takes place in Indianapolis, Washington DC and New Jersey.
  • 4522912
    It is my most recent story. Some time ago, some persons said that if you called a number in the telephone, you would hear something really strange. I was really confused, but I never tried to call. I was thinking about that in my car hearing music, and then the idea came to my mind: a Telephone number that calls ( you know who ) would be a very good idea for a story! Since that I started writing the story, adding new things, just like the Telephone Number, the city, etc. I began thinking in all the electronic things that I could mention in the story, and then I choosed: Printer, TV, Telephone, Radio, Car, Elevator; and tried to turn them into mysterious machines. I recently finished writing the story :) It takes place in Seattle, just like the "Twilight" movie #3.

    So, what's coming next? I have many ideas for new stories... so I will choose the one that I most like and I will soon begin posting the story parts here in the blog :D Where it will take place? I am thinking that this time it will not be in USA.... What do you think? Also, I would like to thanks you for reading my stories. Thanks for all your good comments! Keep like that and I wil be making new and more cool stories :D Thanks for reading my post and don't forget that if you want to read my stories again just go to the "CPI Library" page in my blog and start reading! 4522912 will be added soon :) Thanks again!


    1. All stories have a certain moment to be created, all famous writers write stories based on their dreams or moments of they lifes, all stories are created has the same way!

    2. Very nice phrase, sevalbar! ( oh, and I received your other comment about my map of visitors. It's ok, but I will not post the comment for your own security )