Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 2 )

Just before you start reading this part, just to make you know that "The Journal" parts have already been deleted from this Blog. Also, please remember that the Image that you see in this story part is taken by me so please don't copy. It is also protected :)

20 years later, Mexico City, Mexico. April 26, 2011

- Jerry, wake up! - said Jerry's mom - you are late to school, so wake up now!
- Come on, mom... just 5 more minutes... - said Jerry, tired
- So sorry Jerry, but we don't have 5 minutes, wake up now -
He waked up, tired. He didn't slept well that night, because his Math Teacher, Mr. Oscar, decided to put extra homework to his group by misconduct. Jerry took a shower, had breakfast and he got out of the house. But then, he saw something strange.

- Mom, what happened to the tree? - he asked, confused
Jerry's family had a tree since they began living in that house. It was always green and leafy, because they always gave it water. But that day, the Tree was completely different. He had lost all of its leaves, and it was completely dark.
- Oh gosh, the tree, is it dead?!? - said Jerry's mom, surprised
- Impossible, mom! We watered it yesterday! - Jerry said
- Well, we will find out what happened to it in other time. Let's go! -
Jerry and his mom entered the car, and they began their way to the School. In the way, Jerry was listening to his favorite song through the radio, "Hurricane" from "30 Seconds to Mars". When it finished, his mom changed the station to see the temperature. It was 24 celsius. Then, they heard:

<< Good morning, Mexico City. We start the day with terrible news. A man identified as George Jellygrew was found dead in his house, located at Keningston Avenue, #745. According to some sources, the Police still can't find the responsible of this murder. This is alarming, because it's the 5th murder in the month in the City and no one can find the responsible of these five murders. Every victim has the same characteristic: an injury in his head and another one in his right hand. Sources from other parts of the world also confirms the existence of a possible serial murderer, which leaves the victim with the same characteristics I have already mentioned. Remember to stay alert, citizen, and if you see any strange activity around you or your house, please report the Police by calling the Telephone of the Security's Department. We hope that the responsible of all these murders will be discovered. >>

Suddenly, the signal failed. The sound turned to static, and Jerry's mom turned off the radio. Then, it began raining, and Jerry's mom activated the car's Windshield.

- Don't you think this is really strange, mom? - said Jerry.
- What? Are you talking about the murders, Dear? You don't have to worry about that... - said Jerry's mom, trying to sound the less worried possible.
- I know, mom... but it's strange that all the victims have the same injuries in the same body parts, and no one can find the responsible! -
- Oh dear... not everything in this world is very easy to understand. Sometimes, we will find something really strange, that we will never find a logic reason to it. But you have to be sure of something, Jerry: You don't have to worry about all this -
 When they arrived to the School, Jerry took an Umbrella to get out of the car and then, he entered the School. When he arrived to the Classroom, he found everyone talking with each other. Then Victor, Jerry's best friend, came to Jerry, and he said:

- Hi, Jerry! - said Victor
- Oh, hi Victor. Did you heard the Radio transmission this morning? - said Jerry
- What transmission? Are you talking about the new murder? -
- Yes, that one. Don't you think this is quite strange, Victor? -
- Of course I do, Jerry.... all those Victims, with the same injuries, and no one can't find the responsible?!? That's really weird! -
- That's exactly what I say! - said Jerry, impressed
Jerry and Victor couldn't continue with his discussion, because the Teacher, Ms. Gregoria, entered the classroom.
- Good morning, class - she said
- Good morning, Ms. Gregoria - said the class, with the same monotony as always. Everyone wanted to talk, but they knew that Ms. Gregoria was very strict with the students.
Ms. Gregoria was the class' History Teacher, the less favorite one.
- Today class, we are going to talk about our ancestors. We will start with one theme: their religion. Everyone knows that our ancestors had really awesome thoughts about nature, and they shared their ideas of it. But some of them believed in very unusual things, now named as "Black Magic". Some of them thought that, making some rituals, they would get etern life, so they could practiced forever their bad actions -
The rest of the class was only "bla bla bla" for the entire classroom, and when the ring rang, everyone said a kind of "Phew"
- I'm glad this class is over. These things are kinda boring... -said Victor
- Umm, I think it is interesting... all these things about "Black Magic", don't you? - said Jerry to Victor, trying to do not make him angry.
- "Black Magic" interesting? Jerry, that is the most false thing I have ever heard! It doesn't exists! And if it exists, it would be the most horrible thing in Earth - said Victor, trying to sound the most angry possible.
Jerry and Victor didn't talked during the rest of the day, and the School went over. Jerry was waiting his mom to arrive outside the school, but minutes passed by and she didn't arrived yet. So he decided to enter the School and wait her there. It was 14:19 P.M., and he was in the School Backyard. No one was there, and he felt alone. Then, he wanted to go to the Bathroom. He started walking, and when he arrived to the Bathroom, he quickly opened one door that was there. Then, he saw the most horrible thing in his life.

So horrible, that he had to close his eyes, and then he screamed of horror with such intensity that he alerted all the teachers that still where in the School.

Made by Je45rry. Part 3 coming soon! ( All rights reserved )


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