Saturday, April 9, 2011

Club Penguin e-mails: CP Magazine and Herbert!

Hello, everyone! I have been sending e-mails to the Club Penguin team ( ) showing them some of my ideas and asking some questions. I started asking about the rumor of a "Club Penguin Magazine", which appeared in the Club Penguin's Schedule image. Before I sent the e-mail, I was wondering "how could it be?" and "what could it contain?". I thought it could be a magazine with information, posters and secrets about Club Penguin. Some months before, some penguins started this rumor, and everyone was wondering when would it be out, selling. Here is what I said to Club Penguin in my first e-mail:

From: Je45rry
To: Club Penguin Team

Hi! Long time ago I didn't send Club Penguin a message :) Well, I heard rumors of that a new "CP Magazine" is going to be launched soon. Is this true? If so, what could it contain? Thanks! :D

To: Je45rry ( reply )
From: Club Penguin Team

Hello there friend,

Thanks for your email to us!

I am really happy to hear that you are still having a fin-tastic time waddling around our website my friend. At this time, I don't know any news about a new catalog that could be coming our way online. I really hope that we could see a new catalog soon though because that would be so awesome!
What were penguins talking about with a new catalog? We would definitely love to hear more about this fun rumor!

On the other flipper, the best way to learn about the cool things coming to Club Penguin would be by checking out the What's New blog from time to time to see what kinds of things Billybob found for us. Here's the link to our blog my friend:

I hope that this helps you out. Please let us know if you have any cool ideas that you would like to see online, we are always looking for new ways to make our website a more fun place to play on.
Waddle on my feathered friend! 

Hmm.. well, it seems that the person that sent me this "doesn't knows" something about the Club Penguin Magazine... but the image shows that a "CP Magazine" could be launched soon! Also, I didn't mean a CP Magazine ONLINE... ( as the person said in the e-mail ) I was talking about a CP Magazine made of paper... That's kinda strange, don't you think? Well, my second e-mail to Club Penguin was about protecting nature and about Herbert P. Bear Esquire... If you read my post "What could be Herbert planning?" , you can see that Herbert has been planning something with Probot to strike the island soon... here is what I said to Club Penguin in the e-mail:

From: Je45rry
To: Club Penguin Team

Hi Club Penguin! I was reading your posts in the CP Community blog and I am really happy that you want to help endangered species! Then I had an idea: maybe 40% ( or more ) money of the total money that will be recolected by bought memberships this month could be donated to protect nature! Also, I have been investigating about what could be Herbert planning and I discovered that it could have something to do with crabs and a special machine... maybe with wheels! What do you think? Thanks! :D 

From: Club Penguin Team ( reply )
To: Je45rry

Hey there penguin pal,
Thank you for your email!

Oh that dastardly Herbert! What could he be up to with an other machine? You could be right, but then again... He's such a secretive bear. What do you think he needs crabs for? This is all so mysterious.

It's so great to see how dedicated you are to helping to save the Earth my flippered friend! We are too! Did you know, Club Penguin helps children in need all over the world by donating a portion of our proceeds from memberships to worthy causes. We support projects like schools, libraries, clean water, and health and safety for communities in need. To learn more about the ways that Club Penguin is making a difference around the world, I encourage you to visit the link to our Global Citizenship page:

I have forwarded your request to our Kids Helping Kids Department. You will receive a response from this team shortly. Please keep in mind that we receive many requests from all over the world so we are not always able to fill them all. For future requests, you can contact our Kids Helping Kids team directly at ---------------. 

Awesome! As you can notice, I replaced the e-mail that Club Penguin Team gave to me with -------. I made this because I don't want any problem, but if you want to contact the "Kids Helping Kids" department with an ecologic idea, please tell me and I will give you the e-mail. And as you can read, the person that sent me this also didn't know very much about what could be Herbert Planning. I think that we will have to wait to see his latest invention... and I hope that it will not cause SERIOUS problems to the Island. Thanks Club Penguin for these e-mails! Remember that if you want to contact the Club Penguin Team just send an e-mail to "" and you will receive an e-mail from them soon. You can send your e-mails with an idea, complaint or what you want, just remember to don't be mean, you could get banned, I think. Thanks for reading and please comment with your opinion! :D

UPDATE: There was a confusing error in the e-mails I posted. I have updated the post, correcting the errors. Please read it again, it will be easier to understand.