Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Contest begins!

Hello Penguins! Today the contest begins!
This contest consists to go to the Final hint (and pize) using hints you will find. There are a total of 5 hints. These are the rules:
1.- Follow the hints. There will be a hint per day (do not navigate freely on the Blog to take a shortcut to Hints)
2.- Once you have reached the final hint and won the Prize, there will appear a code below. Send me a comment with the code on THIS POST.
3.- I will not publish the comments you send to me until July 5 (so other penguins can´t see the code before making the contest) But I will write a comment on this post saying to you that you won.
4.- The things that you have to write on the comment:
- Code
- Penguin name
- Blog (if you have one)
Good luck!


  1. Im Loulou11207, you probaly know my blog adress. The code is: XJ2KG5

  2. Congratulations, Loulou11207! You are the First Winner!

  3. huh? How do you get the code???