Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reviewed by You: Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for not posting these last days, my computer went through some technical problems but now they are all fixed. So, now I can post again! As you may know, yesterday was October's most popular party: Halloween! Did you had fun yesterday? I hope so! In my street there where many kids with ghost, vampires and even Movie - villains costumes. It was really interesting! I hope that you received lots of candy too. Well, yesterday the Club Penguin Team posted something in their Community Blog: this week's "Reviewed by You!" It is named "Happy Halloween!". If you read last week's "Reviewed by You", you may remember that Billybob asked us to decribe our weirdest Puffle Hat we could imagine. 4 Answers from 4 different penguins from all parts of the World where selected; and a special Club Penguin Artist drew all of them! Do you want to see what the penguins said? Here are the Penguin's suggestions ( with their own translation to the original language ) and the drawing, also I am adding my own opinion about it:

- Gopinoo ( French )
For me, the spookiest puffle hat ever would be a hat in the shape of a jellyfish but with snakes instead of tentacles. Waddle on!
In French: Pour moi, le chapeau spookiest puffle serait un chapeau en forme de méduse, mais avec des serpents au lieu de tentacules. Waddle sur!
That's a really nice idea, Gopinoo! A jellyfish with snakes instead of tentacles... that's very original! I guess that the snakes are toys, right? Well, it would be a nice Puffle Hat for swimming in the pool, or at the Secret Lake with your Puffle. It really fits the Blue Puffle in the image!

- Elvis524 ( Portuguese )
I guess the best Halloween hat would be something like a mountain with trees and the Living Sled on top!
In Portuguese: Acho melhor o chapéu de Halloween seria algo como uma montanha com árvores e as Living Sled on top!
That's one of the most nice Puffle Hat I have ever seen, Elvis524! I would really buy it. It's awesome to wear it during the Halloween Party while watching one of the movies of "Night of the Living Sled"! It is the perfect Puffle Hat for Living Sled - fans, don't you think? That's really creative!

- Aguon1 ( English )
My idea would be: a spider puffle hat. It would be brown and it would have the legs and the head on it. It would have the eyes on it the would be big and gloomy. It should also have a buggy mouth on it and have black stripes on the legs.
Wow! Really good idea, Aguon1! Though I don't like spiders, I think it would be an awesome Puffle Hat to wear during the Halloween Party, don't you think? It would be perfect for the moment! But it seems that the white Puffle in the Image doesn't seems very comfortable... well, at least it's a nice Halloween Puffle Hat.

- Layla6765 ( Spanish )
The most terrifying puffle hat would be weird but creepy. It would be a mixture of a zombie witch hat and a hat with a Pegasus or unicorn horn to make it silly. The result would be a witch hat withgears and scars and a horn on the top. It would be funny to addstars to the horn.
In Spanish: El sombrero puffle más terrible sería raro, pero espeluznante. Sería una mezcla de un sombrero de bruja zombie y un sombrero con un Pegaso o cuerno de unicornio para que sea divertido. El resultado sería un sombrero de bruja con los engranajes, las cicatrices y un cuerno en la parte superior. Sería divertido añadir estrellas en el cuerno.
This is, by sure, the most creative Puffle Hat I have ever seen. I really appreciate your creative ideas, Layla6765! You are a really good Puffle - Hat designer! I like specially the colors and the effects the artist put in the drawing: they are so original! Good work!

As you can see, I put the traductions in blue, so you could notice them easier. I really like the drawings, don't you? They are really colorful, creative and nice. I really congratulate the artists that made them, he did a very good work! Also, Billybob says that they are working in a brand - new Puffle Game: "Pufflescape" Here is what he says about: Speaking of puffles... As you may have heard, we're launching a brand new game in the Pet Shop very soon: Pufflescape! So for this Reviewed by You, I'm curious... What's your favorite Club Penguin game to play with your puffle? Well, my favorite game to play with my Puffle is Jetpack Adventure, because it's really funny to fly around the Island with your puffle, and because I also win many extra coins thanks to him. Oh, only one more note before ending this post. Now you can add me through the new Friend - System in Club Penguin that lets you have 5 times more friends than before! Just search me in the "Penguin Finder" and send me a friend request! I will be very glad to accept it! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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