Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reviewed by You: Drawing!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I am posting this late, I was busy. Happy77 posted in the "Club Penguin Official Blog" ( which is the new name that appears in the Internet Tab ) a new "Reviewed by You!". In this post, he talks about drawings. You know, drawings are those funny things we make to express our feelings in paper, or in any other material ( like the floor, or even the walls when we are young kids xD ) We usually color them to make them seem better, much funnier and nicer, and we can draw whatever we want to: it doesn't matter, everything is possible while you are drawing something. Now, Happy77 talks about a special "artistic" event that's going to happen very soon, and has something to do with drawings. Well, if you can remember, last "Reviewed by You!" was about our favorite Igloo Item. "10000Cookies" answered something really nice. Here is what she/he said about:

It's so hard to choose since I like all items! But, my all time favorite would be the Box-Portal! It's totally AWESOME and I hope it'll be back on April 2012! Seriously, how cool is it to travel to another dimension!? And when minutes have look like: :30 or :00 and you're there, you get to see the orange puffle pop out of the box! It's sooo kooky and you get to meet Rookie there if you're lucky! Waddle on, Club Penguin! You rock!

I also like the Box Portal item, 10000Cookies! It's very funny to place them underneath another item so they can't be seen ( like chairs ) and then, someone accidentaly falls into it and gets teleported to the Box Dimension! It's a very funny joke at April Fool's party, don't you think? Well, now Happy77 asks us something new. Here is what he says: For this week's Reviewed by You, I wanted to talk a bit about drawing. As I mentioned yesterday, Billybob's planning a special art project for you. So this time I'd like to know... What do you like to draw the most? What's your favorite thing to draw? Well, before ending with this post, I would like to say that, as you can see below, the first part of my newest CPI Story "The Game" has been posted. Please read it, and tell me what do you think about it in a comment. I will try to post the second part next saturday, because I have been very busy these last days ( as I said in the beggining of this post ). I think that I will be posting the story parts each Saturday, because I can't post them in school days. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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