Saturday, November 19, 2011

Warm Coats Project!

Hello everyone! As you may have heard, the Club Penguin Team is organizing another special project: The Warm Coats Project! Is almost like the "Coins for Change Project" that Club Penguin makes every Christmas Eve, which brings money to many causes in all the World, like Protect Environment and help people in need, specially kids, and more. But this project is a little different, also a little more complicated. As its name says, this Project will bring warm coats to people in need in all parts of USA ( and hopefully to all American Continent ) To participate, you must draw a penguin. Without clothes, at first. Then, use your imagination to draw in the penguin a coat that seems warm. You can color it the way you like! You can also add little details like buttons, zippers, and more stuff. Once you are finished, you can use a scanner to save it into the computer and then send it to Club Penguin's Fan Art page. Also, Billybob ( Lane Merrifield ) posted a video to us so he can explain better all this. Here is it:

Awesome, right? I really liked the way the drew the Statue of Liberty as a penguin. As the video says, all the drawings we make about this will help to the "ABC Good Morning America: Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive" company, and they will send real Warm Coats to kids who need them, specially this winter that's already coming up. Also, Billybob led us another video to see how to draw a penguin. You can see the video here or downloading the tutorial in PDF Archive by clicking in here: Draw Coats for Kids! There you can see the steps to make a penguin. Funny, right? This is a really nice and great way to help others, don't you think? I really like it; I'm going submit my Warm Coats drawing soon. And you? Well, here is the "How to draw a Penguin with a Coat" video ( uploaded in Youtube by my friend Saraapril, but made by Club Penguin ) if you want to see it:

Before ending this post, I will like to say that, as some of you may know, Club Penguin announced that they will be going to launch to the Android and iTunes Market a "Lite Version" of the "Puffle Launch App" very soon. And guess what? They already did! I have already downloaded it: it's free! It only contains 6 levels of the "Blue Sky" level. Though it isn't too much, you can trasnfer the coins to your online Club Penguin Account. Great, isn't it? If you want to download the full version, you will have to buy it. Thanks for reading this, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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