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Halloween Party 2011 Walkthrough Video!

Note: My video is at the end of this post.
Hello everyone! Guess what? The Halloween Party has already been launched! Yes! As you may know, everyone is really excited by this party because Club Penguin has been working in it really hard these last weeks, as they told in the Videos they made for us. There are so many new things! The complete Island has changed for this special party. If you do a tour around the complete Island, you will notice that almost every single room of it is full of spooky Halloween Decorations, some of them different as the last year. For example, the Snow Forts has been changed to a neighborhood so we can go and make "Trick or Treat", just as real life! That's really creative, right? Well, as all Halloween Parties here in Club Penguin, the sky has been covered by dark clouds, thunders and lightnings, ( tough it is not raining ) so everything is dark. Well, there are also special rooms for members, but there are others that don't. For example, the "Dark Chamber" and the "Haunted House" where special rooms for members - only last year, but this one, the "Haunted House" is available for everyone! Awesome, right? I will talk about it further on this post. Well, let's start talking about this year's Halloween's Scary Scavenger Hunt.

Scary Scavenger Hunt

As you may know, each year Club Penguin organizes a special feature named "Scavenger Hunt" with parties like the Easter Party, Adventure Party and more. But when it is the Halloween Party, they name it "Scary Scavenger Hunt". Last year, the Scary Scavenger Hunt was about searching candies that where hidden all around the Island, but this year it has changed. This time, we will have to search for Candy Ghosts. As their names say, they are Ghosts that like Candy. So, where can you search for one of these colorful ghosts? Easy! You just have to search in places where candy is. To see how many Ghosts you have catched, you have to open your Scary Scavenger Hunt book that is located at the up - right side of the screen. If you need help to find the Candy Ghosts, you can read the special - help note that is there. Also, in that book you can see your Hunt progress. Once you catch all the Candy Ghosts ( there are 8 ) you will get a special prize.    Now, if you think that you really need help finding this ghosts, keep reading this post section. If you want to find them all by yourself, then stop reading this section and skip to the next one, right? Well, let't begin with the cheats:

- Ghost Number #1
Search near Sand and Surf
Umm... sand? Well, there are 3 places that have sand in the Island: The Beach, the Dock, and the Cove. But only one of them is specially made for surf: the Cove! If you go there, you will find that the little pool has been closed. Why? Many penguins don't know the reason... but I do! When I was there, I was trying to get into the pool, but suddenly, a giant green monster passed by! I was really surprised ( and scared ) by that. Well, remember that we are searching for candy. Look! There's candy next to the Surf Catalog! Now, let's click it to see what happens... wow! A candy ghost appeared! Click it to catch it. Awesome! Let's continue with the next clue.

- Ghost Number #2
Head to a spooky House
Spooky House? Well, there are many spooky houses around here... specially those that penguins make... but, which is more relevant? Maybe it can be the Haunted House at the forest! Yes, it is! Umm... this Haunted House seems quite creepy, don't you think? Well, let's search for the candy WITHOUT going inside the House. The Candy Ghost must be outside of it. Look! There are some candies next to the... umm... graves D: Let's click it to catch the ghost. Good work! Now, if you can see, there are some surprises around here... just like the Secret Lab entrance. Well, let's continue.

- Ghost Number #3
Make your way to a Wooden Shack
Wooden Shack... umm, well, there's only a Shack in the entire Island, and it is the Mine Shack! Use this way to get to then Mine Shack entrance easily. Well, it seems that the only thing that has changed in here is the sky... there are no Halloween decorations in here, so the Candies are easily visible by its lime color. Let's click it and catch the next ghost. Nice! Remember that here you can see Herbert's statue ( play "Herbert's Revenge" videogame for Nintendo DS to see the reason of why it is there ) Also, in this room, you can get into the Recycle Plant or take care of the plants.

- Ghost Number #4
Find a Popular spot for Tour Guides
Well, that's an easy one, don't you think? A popular spot for Tour Guides... it should be the Ski Village ( because there's located the Tours booth ) Let's go! Awesome! Everything has changed in this room! The Everyday Phoning Facility building has been modified from the outside... it looks really creepy... but the Ski Lodge look MORE creepy! Those green eyes are scary... don't you think? If I didn't knew Club Penguin I would thought that the Ski Lodge is another Haunted House XD lol... Also, there's a Costume Show stage for those who want to show their Halloween costume to everyone. There are the candies, next to it. Click them, and catch the ghost. Cool! Let's go for the next one.

- Ghost Number #5
Seek out a Snowy Slope
A snowy slope? That's easy... the Ski Mountain! Let's go! WOW... this room is awesome! I really like the Full Moon... those pumpkins are nice... and that scarecrow is very nice too... we can also see its shadow there in the Mountain floor. Also, we can see the Ski Lodge's lights from here. But, where are the candies? Next to one of the pumpkins! Click it and catch the ghost that will appear. Very funny! Can you see the bats flying around here? Remember that you can play Sled Racing from here. Note: in this place we can see the Sled racing catalog that appeared in the "Night of the Living Sled" Club Penguin Movies. Well, let's open our Candy Ghost catalog to see what the next clue is.

- Ghost Number #6
Wander into the Woods
Well, woods mean Forest.. so let's go! Look! There are 2 entrances: one leads to the Dark Chamber and the other one to the Haunted House. But we are not going to them right now: the Candy Ghost must be here. Can it be down this big pumpkin? AHHH... SPIDERS!!! I don't like them D: Oh, I found the candies! They are next to Haunted House entrance! Click it, and then catch the ghost that will get out of them. We can notice that there are some candies in the floor next to the Dark Chamber entrance. Interesting, right? Well, we are almost finished with this Scary Scavenger Hunt. Let's see to what room we have to go next by reading the next clue in our Candy Ghost Book.

- Ghost Number #7
Look toward a Tower of Light
A Tower of Light? Umm.. can it be the Lighthouse? Yes, it must be! Let's go to the beach, we should find the next candy ghost in there. Wow... awesome! The beach has been changed completely! The lighthouse is made of wood, there's a poster about "Night of the Living Sled 3", there are tree leaves everywhere, and everything looks really creepy! Well, let's find the next Candy Ghost, it must be around here.... see! There are some candies next to the Fireplace. Click it, and catch the ghost. Good work! We only need one more Candy Ghost to get all of them. Let's open our Candy Ghost book to read the last clue that will lead us to  the last Candy Ghost left in the Island.

- Ghost Number #8
Be on the Lookout for a Boat
A Boat? Well, the only place left that has contact with the sea is the Dock, so let's try searching for the next candy ghost in there. See1 There are many pumpkins in here! I like the one that is giant and smiles... well, we are looking for candies... see! There are some candies next to the Lamp! Yes! Click the candies to catch the last Candy Ghost! Now that we have all the Candy Ghosts, open your Candy Ghost Book and click the "Claim Prize" button. You will get a free Candy Ghost Background for your penguin card! Awesome, don't you think? :D You can use it everytime you want to.

More about the Halloween Party

If you visit this blog often, you may notice that when a party releases, I make a list about my favorite rooms. But this time, all the rooms are awesome! I really recommend you to visit all the rooms you can: like the Hanted House, the Secret Lab, and the Dark Chamber. I am really sorry by not posting the Dark Chamber Cheats: I'm not a member, so I can't access to it. Well, I also recommend you to watch the "Night of the Living Sled" movies at the Coffee Shop ( for #1 ) at the Dance Lounge ( for #2 ) and the Lighthouse ( for #3 ) Club Penguin says that they are already making part 4, but it will be released until Halloween Party 2012. And guess what? The new play at the Stage is about "Night of the Living Sled"! Yes! You can now act just like the movies with your friends. You can also buy a Sled Costume! In my opinion, this is one of the best Parties ever in Club Penguin, don't you think? The Club Penguin Team REALLY worked making it - it's awesome! Remember to have a spooky fun with your friends until it's over. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

Please enjoy my first ever Club Penguin Video :) Watch it in Full Screen or at Youtube page for better quality.


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