Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Puffle Toys and Puffle Handler" Video!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I'm very good! It's very nice and warm in here :) Well, today we are going to talk about Club Penguin's Team new Video - Blog. As you may know, the Club Penguin Team has been making special videos in order to explain things about Club Penguin. Each video has a different Club Penguin Team user, such as Liam, which appears in the video I am going to show you today. Well, today I was reading Saraapril's blog ( a friend ) and I saw a video from the Club Penguin Team named "Liam Talks about Puffle Toys and Puffle Handler!" That seemed interesting, so I saw the video. In it, Liam talks to us about the new features of our mascots, the Puffles, and about some updates about them. It seems that Club Penguin is updating many things related to Puffles, right? That is very nice. In the video, Liam says he works at the Support Department ( that takes charge of the Fanmail, Questions, bug reports, and so on ) He also says that he likes ties of different colors :) Also, he says that the Club Penguin Team had received many questions asking where they could get new Puffle Hats that aren't available at the site. In order to answer that, Liam says that when they buy a Puffle Toy that is wearing a hat, the code that is included will unlock the Hat the puffle is wearing. But, there will be some Puffle Hats that will ONLY be available in special locations, such as the Store "Target" which is shop in USA and other places. I think it is a very nice idea to bring Puffle Hats into reality, because now we can enjoy them from anywhere, ( in home, school, car, etc.! ) don't you think? :D Well, here is the video if you haven't seen it yet:


Very funny and interesting, right? I really like these new videos the Club Penguin Team has been making... it is a very nice, funny and interesting way to get news about Club Penguin! :D Also, in the video, our friend Liam also says something about a new "Club Penguin Mascot" that will help us taking care about our Puffles.   She's temporary name is "Puffle Handler", ( PH as abbreviation ) but Liam tells that we can comment in the video saying what name should we get for her. I would name her "Amy", because that's a very nice name. I hope PH will appear as a Puffle Mascot someday in a Party, so we can meet her just as the others Mascots, like G, Rockhopper, the Penguin Band, Rookie, etc. In my opinion, it is a very good idea making a Puffle Handler. What do you think about all these new updates? They are really cool! I can't wait for the Halloween Party 2011 to come. I'm pretty sure it will be one of the best Halloween Parties ever! I am really excited... and you? What do you think about all  this? Please send a comment with your opinion. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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