Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Words for the Second Anniversary!

Hello everyone! Guess what? Today ( October 7 ) is the Second anniversary of Club Penguin Info! I know I didn't said this to you before, but I was too busy that I couldn't announce this very special event! Well, as you may know, I created Club Penguin Info ( which Original's name was "Je45rry" ) and turned it into a Club Penguin Blog. At the beggining, there where no visitors, no comments, nothing. But I knew that it was normal; that I had to wait a little more, until someone finally finds my blog. Almost 6 months passed, when it happened. I received my first comment ever in June 7! It was on a "Field - Op!" post, when Billybob was announcing them. It was from one of my favorite Club Penguin Bloggers: Saraapril! Later then, another relevant thing happened: my blog had its first follower. It was one of my best friends: Loulou11207! Thanks you so much, Loulou! Since that, many other important things happened. I met Dark Falkner ( another best friend ), Pips4lucy, Flipper14354, Sevalbar, Davidhopper2, Chuckyb13, Monstercjr, JT, and many others. It was so much fun together! Time passed, and my posts became each time larger, better, and more interesting. I reached 25 followers, and I was so happy by that. I became author of other blogs, such as Club Penguin Zoom ( which original author was my friend Flipper14354 )

My stats went bigger, as the same of the comments and many other things. Everything was so good, and I was very happy by that. Then, my blog turned 1 year old, and I decided to change its name to "Club Penguin Info", as it still remains, as a way to celebrate such big event. But some months after my first Anniversary, something very bad happened. My friends and I started thinking about quitting Club Penguin blogging. And after some weeks, it finally happened. My friend Pips4lucy quit blogging. Later then, was Sevalbar, then Flipper14354. After him, was Davidhopper2, then Dark Falkner, and finally, Loulou11207. Thanks my friends for everything; without you I would not be here posting. Everyone of them where my best friends in Club Penguin. They went to my parties, I went to theirs, and so on. But when they quit, I was really sad. I didn't knew what to do. Should I make the same as them, and quit? That's when I made some posts, saying if I should quit. But I didn't. I continued blogging, though not as many as I did before. And though I didn't received any comments in a while, and I didn't get any new follower, I was still here, posting about my favorite virtual game, as same as my friend JT.

And as many of you know, I began posting my own stories here in my blog, as a way to entertain you while there was nothing new at Club Penguin, and to bring more visitors. I decided to name them "CPI Stories", like an abbreviation for Club Penguin Info and I started to post them. I have posted 4 CPI Stories already: Numbers ( which was my first CPI Story ever ), Photos ( which I consider my best story yet ), 4522912, and my most recent one, Someone Else. Unfortunately, I began delaying posting them. Now, my blog has already reached its 16,852 visits ( and counting! ) Though I don't receive more than 25 visits per day, I do my best to continue posting about Club Penguin. I am so happy for this 2nd Anniversary... I can't believe it passed so fast! I hope I will keep posting more and more time. Also, I would thank you for visiting my blog, without you I would not be posting this. Thanks for reading, see you later in Club Penguin, and please keep visiting Club Penguin Info! :D



  1. Hey Jerry.

    It's inspiring that you're still posting. I'm sorry that I left, never tell you why. Well, I just wanted to say hi. Also to let you know, that I did quit Club Penguin. But somehow, I still, love it.

  2. Hi Loulou, I am really happy to receive a comment from yours after all this time. Thanks, and I think I understand you. I am very happy by this 2nd Anniversary. Thanks for everything, my friend. I hope I will get more news about you soon :)