Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Fashion Show is here!

Hello everyone! I am sorry that I am posting this quite late, but I didn't had many time to post it before. I hope that the information in this post will be still useful to you :) To start, I am going to say that this Party is only of 1 room: The Gift Shop. I would call it an "event", not a "party", indeed. And yes, the Gift Shop has been completely changed and decorated to look like a Fashion Runway. There are lights of different colors, a giant screen, chairs, a light - control ( similar  as the "Switchbox 2000" we had at Stage and the one at the Recycle Plant ) and even a backstage area! Everyone can participate in this event, including non - members. But the main thing in this room is the runway: it has lights all around it ( the lights can be changed to many colors, including blue, green, yellow, and pink ) and in front of the center - end there are cameras. Once you get there, the cameras will start flashing lights. I think that everyone is going to have fun in this room! You can sit in the judge table and say what you think about the costumes, sit down in the audience, help with the light control, help at backstage, or be a model and pass through the runway! Remember that you can also meet someone special during this event: Cadence!

If you didn't knew, Cadence is a very popular DJ that likes music, fashion style and more. You can also meet her at the "Music Jam" parties. But, how can you meet her? Though there are many ways to search her, ( and other mascots ) but one effective form to find her is "Server Hopping" This was invented by my blogger - friend Saraapril. What you have to do is login ( and log - off, respectively ) in many servers very fast, and try to do this in crowded servers ( with all bars full ) For example, if you want to find a mascot, you can login in a random - crowded server and try to search him very fast. If you don't find him/she you have to log off very fast and then login again in another crowded server to continue your search. Though this can take time, it's very effective, but it would be easier if you do this with friends. Remember that the Fashion Show will be here just until February 14, so enjoy! The Fashion Show is also a great opportunity to hang out with friends, make a fashion - party, and have fun. Remember that you can buy the newest clothes at the newest Clothe -  Catalog right there, at the Gift Shop. You can make awesome costume - combinations to fit your personality! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :)

P.D.: Thanks to my brother Stan1ley, my new friend Icequix and everyone else for being at the Show today with me. It was very fun! :D


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  2. I have already sent the form :) Very creative blog! I never thought that there could be a blog that recommends you to other blogs... awesome idea, Woddylan! :D

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