Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Puffle Party 2012 Exclusives!

Hello everyone! How are you today? I hope fine! As some of you already know, there is a very - important uncoming party that is going to take place this month: the Puffle Party! During this party, Club Penguin gets decorated with themes related to our very nice mascots, the Puffles. Based in recent Puffle Partie, there is often a room specially designed for each puffle color, such as the Black Puffle ( in the cave pool ) and the Green Puffle ( at the Beacon ) Each room is decorated in order to match with each puffle color's personality. Also, last year we received a new CP Mascot: PH! ( Puffle Handler ) She is one of the most recent mascots in Club Penguin, and her speciality is to take care about Puffles and bring them attention. If you can't remember her, she originally appeared at Club Penguin´s Nintendo DS Game "Herbert's Revenge" as  member of the EPF. She recently appeared in the Club Penguin Times, announcing that she was going to take care about the Puffle Party of this year. But, why I am telling you this? Because, I got some exclusive images about the Puffle Party of this year! I give thanks to my very good blogger - friend Icequix for letting me use his images to put them in my blog. Thanks! Well, according to my friend Icequix, he got the Images by taking pictures of the TV when a Club Penguin Ad showed up, ( at Disney Channel ) and the Ad was about the uncoming Puffle Party! And it seems that Icequix took many pictures of it. Here there are: ( each picture has a a little description... wow, that rhymed )

The Puffle Party 2012 will start in March 15!

There will be brand - new Puffle Hats for the Party!

The Forest will be very well decorated!
The Cove is decorated with the Red Puffle Theme!

It seems that it will be a Throphy Room...

There is going to be a Free Item at the Party!

It seems that there is going to be a "Puffle Play Zone"!

A tobogan and a Pool? It seems to be a SPA!

The Plaza is very well decorated too!

Those are the Exclusive Images of the Puffle Party 2012! So, it seems that the Party is going to begin in March 15. It's not very far from today! Also, if you could notice, we will be able to turn into Puffles during the Party, just like the CPIP Test Server we had some years ago! That's awesome, don't you think? Though it will be very hard to identify each one to another, LOL. I wonder if we will discover a new Puffle Color during the party. I can't wait! The Puffle Party has always been one of my favorite Club Penguin Partirs of all time... Before ending this post, I would like to thank ( again ) to my friend Icequix from letting me use his Pictures. Please visit his blog by clicking in here. Remember that if you want to use this pictures you have to talk with Icequix ( not me ) in order to have permission to use them for your blog. I hope you liked this post, and I'm sorry that I didn't had time to post anything these last days, but I have been very busy with other things. And one more thing: Rockhopper's Quest has already finished, so be prepared ( by earning coins ) to this party that's coming up very soon. It seems that we will be able to buy brand - new Puffle toys, food, hats, and more! Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D


  1. Hey Jerry! Guess what?! I've started CP again! And I'm having a party! Go to this link!


  2. AWESOME, Flipper14354! I am so glad that you are back! But there's a little problem: Your party is during my school time D: Can't you make it little after so I can go? :D

  3. Don't you have Spring Break? Well, I'll change it to 1:30 PST? Email me whether that would work or not!

  4. I am so sorry I couldn't go to your party, Flipper! :/ I wasn't at my house when it happened... I really appreciate that you tried to change the party time, but I couldn't go because I wasn't at home :( Maybe other day I can meet you in CP again :)

  5. Yea! When do you want to meet? Post a comment on my "I met PH!" about when and where you can! :)