Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April´s Fools Party Here!

Hello Penguins! Guess what? The April´s Fools Party is finally here! The Island (including the Iceberg) is replet of Fun! On this party, Laws of Gravity are not respected, tricks are awaiting you to discover and also some buildings are Invisible!
At the Dock, there is a Big Board to Paint with Snowballs. You can form many Paintings, but only the one that has the Treasure gives you the Secret Item: A Silly Red Propeller Hat! I you put it (only the Hat, without nothing) and press the Letter D (or Dance, at your Penguin Actions Menu), your Penguin will Fly! At the Snow Forts, there is a Only- For- Members Room, where you have to tell as many Jokes you can on a Certain Time. There is also a Free Item on that Room: A King Jester Hat!
These are the Places I most recomend you to Visit:
- The Mine
- The Forest
- The Dock
- The Beach
These is the Perfect time to be Fun and Silly with your Friends. Be Fun and enjoy the Party!

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