Friday, January 22, 2010

Cave Expedition!

Hello Penguins! Have you checked out the Mine? There is something going on! The Cave has been open and All Penguins can enter! (Well, until the Lagoon) On the First Room you have to dig on Different Parts of the Mud to Recolect the Four Pieces of a Gem (which, if you found the Four Pieces, it will become a Pin), you will be abled to enter to the Next Room (the rock at right) On the Second Room there is a Deep Sea Diving Swit on sale for only $50! If you enter on the Member Room, you can Recolect the Special Background!
Three Important Facts:
-At the entrance to the Cave, there is a Free Item (Hard Hat) you need to began Digging.
-On the Newspaper there is a Squid on the Member Room (Third Room). Check out how to make it appear!
-I have marked at the First Room Image aproximatedely where you have to dig to Recolect the Four Pieces of the Gem.
-I have created the Website´s Page Sign that you can see at the Images, so you can know that I maked them. Also, another function of it is that other Penguins copy the Images I do. If you want to Copy an Image send a Comment Please.

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