Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's new in April and May! ( with extra information! )

Hello! Club Penguin has posted in the CP Community Blog a sneak peek and upcoming events that will be happening this month and next one, in May. They already gave us some information about upcoming events for members, but now they give us more information and specify better everything. If you already noticed, the April Fools party has ended :( But that doesn't means that fun will not be in Club Penguin! The CP Team has been planning new upcoming events that will surely surprise us. If you can remember, some months ago I posted an image that the CP Team gave us. It was Club Penguin's Schedule and there appeared almost every upcoming event of the year. Click the link to see the post, if you want. According to the picture, in April will be released:
  • April Fools Party
  • Earth Day Party
  • Easter Party
  • Online G.fting 1.1 ( ??? )
  • New "CP Magazine"
  • Possible new stamps for the Ice Fishing game
Many parties, don't you think? By the moment, only the April Fools party 2011 has been launched. Soon the Earth Day Party 2011, and so on. I exactly don't know what "Online G.fting 1.1" means, so we will have to wait to see what it is. I am really excited to see the new "CP Magazine"! Also, there could be new stamps for the Ice Fishing game. Awesome, don't you think? And this is only for April! There are other upcoming events for May. Here they are:
  •  Medieval Party
  •  Blog Revamp
  • "Big EPF Launch"
Awesome! Though there is only one party, I think that the "Big EPF" will be really surprising. But, why should CP make a new EPF? That's interesting... maybe because a consecuence of something, just like the EPF public admission that was made because the PSA ( Penguin Secret Agency ) was destroyed by Herbert with the Popcorn bomb. Do you think Herbert is planning something else to destroy EPF? I will talk about that in another post soon... Well, here are the upcoming events that Billybob talks about in the CP Community Blog:

  • Earth Day Party with two brand new animal costumes!
  • New stamps for games!
  • An epic new Medieval Quest for members... 
  • More new interactions for puffles... stay tuned for more info here on the blog!
  • (Shhh... this one's for secret agents only...) Some brand new Elite Gear... and something new with a certain polar bear named Herbert...
  • And more...
Cool! There it mentions something new about Herbert, maybe it could be a new Mission? If so, I can't wait to play it! Also, in the image Billybob gave to us appears something like a swamp with frogs... could it be a future new room for the party? Thanks for reading and don't forget to post a comment with your opinion about this :) Thanks again!

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