Thursday, April 28, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 3 )

Attention: This story is for people of 10+ years.

So horrible, that he had to close his eyes, and then he screamed of horror with such intensity that he alerted all the teachers that still where in the School.

Jerry couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. He just continued screaming, until some teachers arrived to the Bathroom, alarmed by Jerry's screamings. But when the Teachers saw what caused Jerry's panic, they soon called to the Police. There, in the Bathroom, was Pedro, one of the School's Janitorial Cleaners....


- Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! - Jerry screamed in complete panic, as the same time he began to cry and covering his mouth. The Teachers knew that Jerry couldn't kill Pedro, because Jerry could not be able to kill someone else. They took Jerry to his classroom, and he sit in a chair that was there.
- Calm down, Jerry... it's ok now, just calm down... - said one of the Teachers
Jerry, never in his entire life, had seen something like that. He couldn't calm down easily, but he did some minutes later.
- Jerry, we need you to tell us. What happened? - said another Teacher
- I... I only went to the Bathroom... and opened the door... - said Jerry, with his eyes red by all his already dry tears.
The Police soon arrived, and they undertook the case of Pedro. Obviously, some minutes later, the Forensic Medical Service arrived.
- Don't worry, we will discover who did this - said the Forensic's team leader to the School's principal - but, just answer me this question: How old was Pedro? -
- Umm... like 45 years old - said the Principal, really sad
Then, Jerry's mom arrived to the School, and when she saw the Police, she got very alarmed. She started to search Jerry until he found him with the help of a Teacher.
- Oh my god, Jerry, what happened here?!? - said her, confused
- Let me explain you, madam - said the Teacher - Jerry doesn't wants to repeat the same horrible story -
When the Teacher finished talking with Jerry's mom, she said to Jerry:
- Oh gosh, I am so sorry, Jerry. Are you ok now? -
- Yes, mom... I'm fine - answered Jerry

Jerry's mom took him to the car, and they started their way to the Ice Cream's Shop, so Jerry could at least forget for a moment what happened some minutes ago. It was raining with more intensity, and the wind was incredibly strong and cold. In the way, Jerry's mom ( Mary ) noticed how Jerry was cleaning his tears by the cold. His cheeks where red. When they arrived to the Shop, Jerry's mom asked him:

- What delicious dessert do you want? Choose any - she said, smiling to him.
- Ummm... I woudl like to eat a banana split - said Jerry
- In the way - said the clerk
Then, they took the only table that was available, one that was just in front of the window. They sat down, waiting for the Banana Split.
- Don't worry, Jerry... everything will be alright - said Mary ( Jerry's mom )
- I... met him when I was in first grade, mom... I'm am really, really sad -
- I'm very sad, too... and I am really sorry to hear that, Jerry. But he is in a better place now, and you don't have to be sad for that -
- A banana split - said a clerk, giving Jerry what he had requested.
- Thanks - Mary said to the Clerk.
Jerry saw his banana split. It was really big. He began eating it, enjoying. Minutes passed by, and the rain never seemed to finish. The other clients, one by one, started getting out of the shop. After 20 minutes, the only clients that remained in the Shop where Jerry and his mom. But then, something strange happened. The door, which was automatic, opened, with no one near the Sensor. With the same velocity it opened, it closed.
- Who entered the Shop? - asked Jerry, nervous.
- Ummm, no one.... It should be the wind - answered Mary - Jerry, I'm going to the Bathroom, would you like to stay here? I will not take too much time - she said.
When she went to the Bathroom, Jerry was alone in that part of the Store.

Or at least that was what he thought.

He finished eating his Banana Split, but when he was going to deliver the plate, he saw something. In the bottom of the plate, where some strange black glasses. It seemed that someone placed the Banana Split over those glasses. He toke them, and he said:
- What? How did these glasses appeared here? -
Then, he put the glasses on. What he saw was incredible.
Everything was of a strange distorted color, like of the colors of a rainbow. In the center, the colors seemed to turn black. Suddenly, he saw through the glasses something that froze him, but at the same time amazed him. Pedro, the School's Janitorial Cleaner that he thought that was dead, was entering the Shop! The automatic doors opened when he entered the shop, and they closed when he was already in, which always happened when someone entered the shop.
- Impossible!! - Jerry thought - He was dead!! -
One part of him was confused, but another part was really happy to see Pedro. Then, Jerry's mom got out of the bathroom. Jerry was surprised to see how his mother walked aside Pedro without saying anything.
- Jerry, where did you got those glasses? - she asked, confused.
- Mom, see! Pedro is there, the person that I thought that was dead! - said Jerry, pointing to the place where he was seeing Pedro through the glasses. Jerry's mom turned his head around to see, but then she said:
- Jerry, there's no one there. The complete shop is alone, only we are here. Now, take off those glasses and let's go to the car -
Jerry was confused, because he was seeing Pedro through his glasses there, in the Store. But when he go the glasses off, he panicked.

There was no one else there, only his mom and himself.

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