Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 1 )

Hello, everyone! As you may noticed, I started a new story named "The Journal", and I have posted 2 parts so far. In the story, you could read what was happening in it by a Journal, but I have been thinking to turn the story to my normal way, writing it as if it was happening at that time. And yes, I decided to turn it to that way. Why? Because in this way ( present way ) you are reading like if that is happening right now, reading the character's textual dialogs, not like in the "journal way", because in that way you where reading like if all that already past, and I think that posting in that way ruins the mystery, and in "present way" everything is more interesting. So I decided to change the story to present way, and make a new story named "Someone else" Well, after I post the first 2 parts of these story I will eliminate the other 2 parts from "The Journal". In other words, "The Journal" story is been cancelled and replaced by "Someone Else" story. Attention: This story is for people of ages 10+. The images you will see in this story are originally taken from me :)

Someone Else

Porto, Portugal. November 28, 1992

( Radio Transmission )

<< Security Police from all parts of the city has been alerted just after a call was sent to Porto's Security department, saying something about a dead man in a house; which direction was Mapletown Street #564. The report was true, a man identified as Jonathan Breyman was found dead in the bathroom. The victim seems to have a strange injury in his head, and another one in his right hand. The Forensic Medical Service is already operating, trying to find the responsible of this horrible murder. The Police has already interrogated the person that sent the call ( identified only as "Gary" ). According to some witnesses, Jonathan Breyman was last seen at 15:09 P.M. ( local time ), the time where he was entering his house, some hours before the Police discovered his body at 20:34 P.M. of the same day.

After the interrogation with "Gary", the person that sent the call informing the Police about Jonathan, the Police has concluded ( with help of the Forensic Medical Service ) that he didn't killed Jonathan. The Police also interrogated Jonathan's neighbors, and according to them, Jonathan began acting in a strange way some weeks ago. "I can only say the he wasn't him", said one neighbor. According to the Forensic Medical Service, there are no proves that Jonathan was killed by someone else, but it is impossible that he could suicide. The injuries he presents couldn't have been made by himself, even in an accident. There are no fingerprints, no tracks or hints that can lead to the responsible. So the question remains: Who killed Jonathan? >>

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