Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CP Membership Updates, April 2011!

Hello, penguins! As always, Club Penguin has actualized the Membership page and it has now information about what's coming for members this month. Also, if you haven't noticed, Club Penguin rised the prices of the memberships... why do you think they made that? Maybe because something awesome is about to happen, or theu just wanted more $ money. I think that they should turn the prices as they where before, penguins don't want to pay extra money for a Membership. What's your opinion? Also, if you can remember, April is the "Earth Month", because it is dedicated for our beautiful planet, Earth. That's why Club Penguin wants to make a party in Earth's honor, as the same time they teach children how to help the Planet. Last year, CP opened the Recycling Plant ( in the Mine ) to see all the positive ways of recycling things that seemed useless for some people. Here is what Club Penguin says about the upcoming events for members in April:

The badge is your key to unlock exclusive items, games, parties, and events.  Check out what you can access with your badge in April:

- Celebrate Earth Day with exclusive animal costumes
- Show your support for the planet with the clothing from the gift shop
- Earn rare stamps during the Earth Day party
- And prepare ye for a new Medieval quest - coming in May!

Cool! I hope that part of the total money given to CP by buying memberships will be donated to preserve nature and endangered species in our Planet. And that about "Earn rare stamps during the Earth Day Party" seems interesting... why "rare"? Maybe something new will happen this time! What do you think? Also, it says that in May a new Medieval quest will be in the Island, so we can't loose it! By the moment we have 2 Medieval quests, with this new one should be three. I can't wait for these parties! Thanks for reading and see you later! :D

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