Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Next CPI Story: "The Game"

Hi everyone! As you may know, like 1 year ago I began writing Stories and then posting them in this blog, each one separated by parts. I decided to call them "CPI Stories", as you may know. Each one of them are y me, I mean, I am the creator of all those CPI Stories. One thing you should know, is that every single CPI Story is 100% made by me. Often, I post story - parts between days, but now that "Someone Else" is over, there's no CPI Story in process right now. So, I decided to announce my next CPI Story. I have many ideas, but only one of them will turn into a CPI Story. After big thinking, I finally chose one. It's name is "The Game" ( interesting name, right? ) This CPI Story is quite similar to the other ones, but this one includes more science fiction, suspense, terror and everything else; and I'm sure, that by some way, you will get related to it. Right at the end of this post is the story's description. I hope you will really like it, I will try to turn it my best CPI Story ever yet. And remember again: I'm the writer. Hopefully, I will post the first part of this new CPI Story this Saturday. You are free to send your opinions through a comment, I will be always glad to answer questions for you! Oh, and please remember to vote in the special poll that's located at the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and see you later!

The Game
To Ages 11+

Peter and Jerry are normal high - schoolers, that live the typical daily life of a person of its age. One day, in a School Trip to London, they discover a really old computer, that contains a really weird archive named "The Game". Bored of they rutinary lives, they decide to play it, whatever it is. What happens next is a completely horrifying experience that crosses Virtual Reality to Real one, destroying every single scientific theory, risking everyone's life, and turning possible what no one thought could ever happen. Now, they shall finish and win it, or lose and end what may be the world as everyone knows it, forever. 

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