Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Puffle Party and Brown Puffles this week!

Hello penguins I know ( and I am sorry ) that I haven't posted this week. I recently started with my exams, and many other things. This week Billybob posted something about the Puffle Party, and about the Brown PĆ¹ffle. Here is what he said about it:

As many of you know, the Brown Puffle will be available in the Pet Shop by Friday! We can't wait to see these new puffles out and about at the party.

Wow! The Image seems to be showing the Night Club, with many puffle colors and lights.... I can't wait to see the Puffle Party of this year! What room do you think the Brown Puffle selected for its party? I think that maybe the Recycling Plant or the Secret Cave at the Mine. The Recycling Plant maybe because it has machines, and the Secret Cave at Mine because its soil is *brown* and it has a machine that forms light. What do you think? Send a comment with your opinion! In other news, the next part of my story 4522912 will be posted later, I hope. Thanks and see you later!

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