Friday, February 4, 2011

EPF Phone Message from Rookie!

Hello everyone! Guess what? Today Rookie has sent us another EPF Phone Message saying the next words:

Hey everyone! I have a theory - I think Herbert and Probot may have helpers! Something with a Tire... Maybe some kind of evil wheel barrow!

Really interesting, Rookie... that is REALLY interesting... let's see: an evil wheel barrow? That sounds really familiar to me... of course! I saw a wheel barrow when I had my DS Game "Herbert's Revenge!" In the game, Herbert had a new secret base underground, in the Wilderness. There, I found many curious things... including a barrow with wheels. Here is an image:

( Click to enlarge ) Thanks to Lebron Jr's , Club Penguin Expert and Saraapril for this image! Now, that machine is kinda strange... how could it be useful? It seems to be a snow remover with a window and wheels... do you have another suggestion? Send a comment with your opinion! Thanks and see you later!


  1. Hi Je45rry, You should add link credit to Lebron Jr, Club Penguin Expert and me Saraapril as this Picture is originally from my Blog Thanks

  2. Oh sorry Saraapril I didn't noticed that... I'm going to fix it in a minute...