Sunday, May 15, 2011

Someone Else ( Part 5 )

( Story for people of +10 ages )

But he didn't appeared in the mirror.

- What?!? - said Jerry, scared.
He walked to the mirror with the glasses on, unable to believe what he was seeing. He was just in front of the mirror, but he didn't appeared there! It was like if Jerry was invisible, because the mirror didn't reflected him.
- How?!? - said Jerry, confused.
For a moment he thought he was dead, but then an idea came to his mind. He took the glasses off, and he became amazed. He appeared in the mirror now! He was pretty much confused, and then he put the glasses on again, just to prove if his "disappearing" effect had something to do with the glasses.

And it did, because he didn't saw himself in the mirror again.

He took off the glasses, and he again saw himself in the mirror. He put the glasses on and then off, and he was really amazed-- he was completely sure that when he had the glasses on, he couldn't see himself in the mirror, but when he didn't had the glasses, everything was normal. Quickly, he put the glasses in his pocket, and he went out of the house, with his rain jacket, because it was still raining. When he was already out, he felt cold. Very cold. The rain drops where so freezing, that it could snow at any moment. The wind was also freezing. Jerry had to use a sweater inside his rain jacket because all the cold it was doing outside. Some minutes before, his mom asked Jerry why he wanted to go out, and Jerry answered:
- I have to see something -
Jerry's mom didn't knew exactly what was his son was trying to say, but she accepted because he had a very bad day.
Jerry began walking through the streets, and until he arrived to the main avenue of the city, Mainpalk, ( that wasn't very far from his house ) he got the glasses out of his pocket. Then, he put them on.
He saw the street, the people, the cars, the sky, the rain, the floor, and everything else. Everything seemed to be normal. But then, something horrible happened.
He saw through the glasses how a car, being a great velocity, skidded in the wet floor. It couldn't stop, and it crashed into another car that was there, near Jerry.
All the people, including Jerry, started to scream of panic. The crash sound was so intense, that Jerry thought that a bomb had exploded. Everyone got out of their cars and ran to the crashed ones. And then, Jerry heard the last words he would like to hear ever.

- He is dead!!! -

In panic, Jerry started to cry of terror, seeing how everyone else covered their mouths in horror. He didn't saw the body, because he made everything possible to not open his eyes in the moment when the people where taking it from the car. Only one person seemed to be dead. The other ones where injured, but not dead. Then, Jerry got the glasses out.

He saw something that impacted him.

There was no accident in the street!

- What?!? - he thought.
The street was completely normal. All the cars where passing by normally, and there where no tracks of an accident. But Jerry was sure of what he saw some seconds ago. He believed that he saw a car accident. But there was no one there! He saw the black glasses. He put them on again.

The scene changed completely. Now, he could see the same accident he saw some moments ago. But then, he got the out glasses. Everything was normal again!
- Impossible - he said
He put them in his pocket again, and returned home. Once he arrived, he went to his room and turned on the computer. When he opened the internet broswer, in the news page it appeared:

<<Today, many people remember the victim of the car accident that took place in Mainpalk Avenue 7 years ago. The victim, who was driving a car, accidentally skidded with the wet floor and crashed with another car, dying instantly. The other passengers got injured, and everyone else went to their help just when the accident happened... >>

The computer turned off instantly, mysteriously.
- What?!? - said Jerry
Then he remembered the accident he saw with the glasses minutes ago. Everything was exactly how the news said. "A car skidded and crashed with other car", thought Jerry as the same time he remembered the scene he saw on Mainpalk Avenue with the glasses. It was like he had traveled to the past, exactly 7 years ago!

He turned to see the black glasses. Then, he said, shaking:
- What are you?!? -

Made by Je45rry           ( Part 6 coming soon! )

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