Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Coffee Shop + New Blog Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! I'm really sorry I didn't post anything about the Adventure Party... I couldn't post anything the first 3 days of the party, and when I finally had the chance, I realized that, by that time, you should knew all about the Adventure Party already. And though that is not a good reason to not to post, I was busy in other things, so I decided to post about other things later. And well, here I am! How are you today? I hope well. In this post I'm going to talk about 2 different things of Club Penguin: the New Coffee Shop and the future new "Club Penguin's Community Blog" If you didn't knew, few days ago the Coffee Shop was redesigned, also bringing a new game to CP: Smoothie Smash! Though I had so much memories of the Coffee Shop ( since 2009 ) I think this version is better. If you didn't knew, the Coffee Shop had been always the same since Club Penguin was created in 2005, and it was one of the most popular rooms in the entire Island. People that have played CP for more than 2 years know how it feels like to have one of the classic rooms in the Island modified... But well, the good thing about this is that the New Coffee Shop has a very good design and, unlike the old one, it's quite color full. Fortunately, the "Bean Counters" game can still be played in there, and I hope it will stay that way forever.

If you didn't knew, Happy77 organized a special party celebrating the new Coffee Shop's launch last Thursday. Here is what she says about: Thanks to everyone who turned up at our little Grand Opening meetup today! I know it was very busy online - thanks for being so patient is whatand celebrating with us! You're all amazing. Today was a special moment in Club Penguin history. The new Coffee Shop and a brand new game... Smoothie Smash. I'm glad that we were a part of it together! Unluckily, I couldn't go to the party... but according to some friends, it was really awesome ( though the whole server was full, haha ) In this type of events, you should log in into the party's server some hours before it starts in order to avoid the risk of not being able to enter it later. Now, I think that many of you have already played the new game "Smoothie Smash" Here are some tips that may help you play this game better:

Hints and Tips

- There are 2 different gameplays in the game. They are "Normal" and "Survival" 
- In the Normal Mode, you have 120 seconds to make Smoothies. To do this, you have to:
  • Jump into the selected fruits ( moving with the arrow keys ) 
  • Avoid jumping in the band - zone ( if you do, you'll eventually crash )
  • Jump in the correct fruits making combos, in order to win more points
- Sometimes in the Normal Mode you will be able to win more time
- Famous characters will appear while playing the Normal Mode. They are:
  •  Rockhopper
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Herbert P. Bear
- You win a stamp by serving them only by the first time
- ( Yep, you can win stamps )
- In the Survival Mode, you have to:
  • Jump in any fruit you want
  • Avoid Hazards like bombs or anvils
  • Don't crash ( by hitting the band - zone )
- Jumping in fruits will eventually heal your health meter
- The more time you keep going , the more coins you win ( and stamps! )

So, that's my guide for the Smoothie Smash Game... I hope it will be useful to you :D  Now that I have talked about the new Coffee Shop, I'll will talk about the future new look of Club Penguin's Community Blog. As you may know, some months ago the CP Team changed the look of the "Community" Main Page at their website, as same as many other sections and features; like the Homepage, for example. Now, Happy77 tells us that they are planning to give the Community Blog a new look. Here is what she says about: Happy77 here. I wanted to let you know about a big update we're doing next week to the Club Penguin blog! Next week we'll be giving the blog a fresh new look, and upgrading our blog system to make it run faster and smoother. One of the big reasons I'm excited about it is that you'll be able to reply to comments from other players! As part of this update, we need to turn off comments. We expect to have the comments working again next week once the new blog system is up and running. As always, you can still contact us here if you need help with anything! Thanks for your patience, and see you again on Thursday next week with the brand new Penguin Band music video!

Wait a moment, we will be able to reply to other's people comments? That sounds kinda cool! I think that these "reply" feature will help parents to know more about their kid's interests, as well as knowing more about the site. Also, Happy77 says that the CP Team is going to release another song next week: "Anchor's Aweigh", this time performed by "The Penguin Band". I think that "The Party Starts Now" from "Cadence" was a really good song, so let's see how this song will be. What do you think of all this? Did you liked the new Coffee Shop or not? Are you looking forward to the new song? Please send your opinion below in a comment, or send me a question and I'll be glad to help you. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

P.D.: If you haven't noticed, the Book Room was also redesigned since the MARVEL Party in June. 

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