Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Rockhopper's Quest" 2012 Walkthrough!

Hello everyone! I am really sorry that I didn't posted anything these last days ( or even weeks ) but the problem was that I was very busy with school and normal life. But well, I'm still here to bring you information about this party! As you may know, this is the first "Rockhopper's Quest" ever! I will give you many details about this party in this post. But first, I will tell you something: Every time Rockhopper comes to the Island, he travels in his ship, called "The Migrator" We where allowed to access the "Captain's Quarters" in the Ship some months after Rockhopper's first apparition in Club Penguin Island. But we never had traveled in the Migrator, until now! Yes! Now we are allowed to travel in the Migrator for this special Quest. To start, you need to go to the Beach, where the Migrator is located. Once you arrive there, you can get your Free Item ( a hat ) There, you can play Treasure Hunt to earn coins! Then you can go to the Migrator. As you can see from the Beach, the front part of the ship has been changed ( it was made of wood, like the rest of the ship, but now it's made of iron ) The reason? You will see. Let's go aboard and start this Quest! Once you are aboard, Rockhopper will welcome you telling what you have to do in order to complete his Quest. After that, the Migrator will sail to it's next destiny: Swashbuckler Island! While in the Migrator, you can stand in some special squares in the ground, and throw snowballs to the targets that will appear next.

Swashbuckler Island

Welcome to Swashbuckler Island! This is your first destination in this Special Quest. When you enter the Island, Rockhopper will tell you what you have to find in there in order to continue the Quest. He will request you to find some materias ( rope, wood ) and then bring them to the Ship. Once you are in the Island, remember to click the Materials that are in the up - left side of the screen, in a table. Then, a note will pop - up in the screen, saying "Cargo has been added to the Ship" After that, you can return to the Migrator and sail to the next Island, or stay there, playing with friends. This Island is really detailed, it's like a little beach - town of the 18th Century. Here you can also buy 3 Items ( member only ) They are really nice clothes, and they seem like a pirate ( or Shakespeare, LOL ) Though this room is not as interesting like the other islands, you can have a lot of fun if you are with friends. Once you are ready to go back to the Ship, walk into the left - down side on the Screen to continue your journey.

Dinosaur Island
Welcome to Dinosaur Island! Here, Rockhopper will tell you the next thing you need to find in order to complete his Quest. The next material you need is: a Red Gem. If you didn't knew, this materials will help you to build a Beacon at Shipwreck Island, in order to make sailors arrive there safely. Well, once you arrive to Dinosaur Island, you will immediatly recognize the Red Gem. Click it, and the same not will appear in screen, just like before: "Cargo has been added to the Ship" Now, you can keep exploring the room. If you want to see something interesting, go to the place where the Red Gem was, and once you are inside... Ha! You will be inside a trap! Though you are able to get out wherever you want, it is a really fun detail. You can play so many things in this place! There is also a lake with Dinosaur's Theet, and there is a shop, like the Island before. There you can buy 3 items, and one of them is a "Dinosaur Rex" costume. You can use this item in the Medieval Party that will get out soon! Once you are ready to leave the Island, go back to the Ship to sail to your final destiny: Shipwreck Island! 

Shipwreck Island

Welcome to Shipwreck Island! Here, Rockhopper will tell you that you need to build the Beacon with the materials you have recollected. Here you will notice that the weather is really different; the clouds are grey and dark, and it very creepy. In fact, this room is way creepier than some rooms during the Halloween Party, haha. Click on the materials at the right - up side of the screen until the Beacon is completely built. Congratulations! You have completed Rockhopper's Quest. You can keep playing here with friends. Also, there is something important to tell you: Look at the sea in the up - right side of the screen, and wait for a lightning. The reflection of an Island will show off! But the question is: what Island is it? It seems to have a volcano, but I am not very sure. Now, here is another room where you can go: the Hall of the Viking Lords. You can only access this room being a member. Inside you will see a large table with a BIG prehistoric fish, a throne, a costume box, and some... umm... dead vikings. Also, if you sit in the Viking Throne, the lights that are located in its sides will turn on. Inside the costume box you will be able to buy special Viking Lord costumes. 

I hope this Guide helped you during your journey. But before ending this post, I would like to say something special: Thanks for helping me reaching my 20,000 visits! I am so happy by that. I am really honored by having some great visitors like you! Please keep visiting Club Penguin Info, I will have you some of the most explained information - posts in all the Club Penguin blogs. I am really sorry by not posting too much, but I will do my best to post again as soon as I can. And yes, the reason the Migrator's front is made of Iron is because of the Icebergs that hits it while traveling in the ocean. Thanks for reading, and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

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