Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Game ( Part 2 )

Note: Before you start reading this, I would like to apologize about the BIG delay of this story part. Here is the link if you haven't read the first part of this story ( which is made by me ) Click here Thanks!

19 Years later, London, U.K.

Jerry Rogers was another student at Fiderside Jr. High School, at London. He was very smart, creative, and he was also very good at jokes. He really liked to mess up their friend's things, throw paper balls at class, and he always liked the way their friends played with him. His best friend was Peter Palks, another guy of his classroom, which knew Jerry since kindergarden. Though Peter wasn't as smart as the rest of his class, he always tried to get the best scores at his exams. He was playful, funny, and everyone liked him. But what both had was their love to videogames.

- Good morning, class -
- Good morning, Ms. Erika -

Ms. Erika was the typical strict teacher at school. She was quite fat, had brown hair, and her voice was a little rough. She was Jerry and Peter's History teacher, everyone's worst subject.

- Today, - Ms. Erika said -  We are going to talk about a very interesting topic... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry, in a low voice
- What? - answered Peter
- Have you heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week? -
- No! ( said Peter, surprised ) Where are we going to?... -

But to everyone's surprise, Ms. Erika said, with an angry face:

- Peter Palks, shut up and please tell me what I just said -

Everyone turned their heads to Peter.

- Uuuuum... - he said, nervous
- Uuuum what? - said Ms. Erika
- I don't know -
- Really? I thought you did because you where talking so much! -

After that, Jerry decided to remain in silence until the class was over, as same as Peter. But Peter was still distracted in other things. When the class was over, Mr. Steven ( or Mr. Eleeven, as everyone called him ) came to the classroom. Mr. Steven was the school's principal.

- Good morning, students -
- Good morning, Mr. Steven -
- Well, I just came here to make an announcement. Someones may have heard about the School Trip we are going to have next week... but just to remind everyone, the place we are going to is the "Computer Technology Museum". There we will find out more about... -
- Hey Peter - said Jerry
- What? - answered Peter, again
- I have heard about that museum before. Did you knew that real people worked in their own computer systems there in the 90´s? -
- No... and, for me that Museum sounds boring... All of them do, indeed. I thought we where going to a Theme Park - said Peter, disappointed
- ... so remember to bring everything you will need for the Trip. Any questions? -  finished saying Mr. Steven
- Yes - said Mario, the class´ worst student - where can I go to buy some chocolate cookies? - he said, joking.
Everyone started to laugh.
- You shall have more respect, Mario, or you will not go to the trip! -
Hours passed by, school finished, the cleaners made their job and everyone went home.
Everyone except 1 person.

Created by Je45rry. Part 2 coming soon!

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