Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Puffle Hats and Get Connected" Video!

Hello everyone! As you may know, Club Penguin has started doing Youtube videos instead of posts in their Community Blog lately. In some ways, it's benefic, because it's very interesting and more funny than texts. In this video, Billybob ( Lane Merrifield ) doesn't appears. Instead, our friend Jessika tell us some things about Puffle Hats and more! As she says in the video, she works as animator in the Club Penguin Team; like many other people. In the video, she starts telling us some news about the most - recent Puffle feature: Puffle Hats! Also, she says that this idea was because a "get connected" thing that let Club Penguin Team users bring ideas and more things to other people. Well, she says that this time they went to one of Disney Theme Parks, in order to visit the Haunted Mansion. But, why the Haunted Mansion? I think they are going to take some ideas from it for the Halloween Party that is going to take place at endings of October. I think that it will be very creepy, right? I'm sure the Club Penguin Team will have very nice ( and scary ) ideas for it. Here is the video if you haven't seen it yet:

Cool, right? Some details I could notice is that the Background Images are the same as in Billybob's videos. Also, Jessika says that the Club Penguin Team made a Second Part to the world - famous "Nyan Puffle", ( which was inspired in the "Nyan Cat" video made many years ago ) and this time they showed a special animation of the Orange Puffle. Later then, Jessika says that the White Puffle with the Headphones won the contest ( a special poll Club Penguin made ) and that they are going to do a special video of it. It will be very funny, I think! Jessika tells us that we can leave our comments of the video saying some ideas for future new features in Club Penguin. That's nice, right? Well, at the end of the video, Jessika comes back to work... What do you think of this video? Also, don't forget to vote in my Special Poll "What's your favorite CPI Story yet?" that is located at the left sidebar of the blog. Remember that you can read them anytime at the "CPI Library" page of this blog. "Someone Else" will be added to it soon. Thanks for reading and see you later in Club Penguin Island! :D

UPDATE: My CPI Story "Someone Else" has been added to the CPI Library! :D

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