Monday, April 5, 2010

Herbert at the News! Part 1

Hello Everybody! Have you read "The Warmest Places" Section of the Newspaper #233 yet? There appears a "Penguin" with a Yeti Costume. But what I noticed First was that those Eyes where not Penguin Eyes... Then I read all the Section and Discovered that the Yeti Penguin talked exactly about what Happened on Missions Number #6, #8 and #9. I have brought you Images of what the Yeti Penguin (Herbert) say. (Click on the Images to Zoom)
First- Herbert Planned to Destroy the Ski Lodge to make a Campfire. (Mission #6)
Second- Herbert hates Cold. (Mission #6)
Third- Herbert is Vegetarian. (Mission #6)
Fourth- Herbert has Paws.(It is a Polar Bear)
Fifth- Herbert Once drilled a Wall of the Boiler Room. (Mission #8)
Sixth- Once, Klutzy Knocked a Water Bucket to Herbert´s Campfire. (Mission #9)
Seventh- Herbert is a Tall Polar Bear.

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